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Trans positive parents equates to positive trans kids says UW study

Another great article from Lexie Cannes.


willa naylorLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Really, it doesn’t get simpler than this: parents who let their transgender kids chose their names and express their preferred gender identity results in good mental health outcomes says a new study published in Pediatrics. The study was conducted by University of Washington Professor Kristina Olson.

This study also indicates that trans people are not automatically doomed to mental health problems.

Co-researcher Katie McLaughlin: “[the findings] suggest that mental health problems are not inevitable in this group, and that family support might buffer these children from the onset of mental health problems so commonly observed in transgender people.”

Professionals are saying the study is “crucially important” and the findings are matching what they’re seeing in the real world:

Sarah Painer of Cincinnati’s Transgender Health Clinic: “I think the study is really reflective of what we see in practice. . . . I…

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“Bathroom bills” terrify me far more than trans women having a wee

Of course, a predator couldn’t possibly dress as a security guard, a janitor…..
Another great post by Stavvers.

Another angry woman

Content warning: this post discusses transmisogyny, transphobia and sexual violence

A bill that would empower people to inspect your genitals on demand came one step closer to being law across the pond yesterday. Calls for such legislation are becoming increasingly popular, because of transmisogyny.

How bathroom bills work is like this:

  1. People must use bathrooms that fit with their genitals.
  2. The ladies’ bathroom is actually for people with vaginas, the gents’ for people with penises.
  3. However, nobody is proposing changing the names of the bathrooms to make this clearer because they’re cissexist pigs.
  4. Anyway, it’s illegal for people with penises to use the ladies’ and people with vaginas to use the gents’
  5. ??????

Make no mistake. The entire rationale behind bathroom bills is rooted in transmisogyny. It’s a neat little way of excluding trans women from public life by denying them access to…

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