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Why Bad People hurt good people so deeply!

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Rachel Johnson

I have spent literally years of my life wondering how it can be that some people get hurt over and over. I have scanned the data, read the science, and yet, I as a person fall for the trick over and over, but why? I have this horrible thing called optimism. Well, only part of it is horrible. Some parts of it have made me stronger than I could ever imagine. I just want to be of help to other people, so I am writing this, and also as a reminder for myself.

I give people chances, because I want love, but I am not a fool. I can usually pick out the ass in the room and walk away from them, but sometimes people are very good at hiding just how bad they are for you. How can you tell when they are?

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Author: karaconnor

⚧ lesbian, humanist, atheist. Love music, playing guitar, reading, science, fashion, politics, feminism, promoting understanding & acceptance of LGBT people.

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