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Islamaphobia, Mohammad and the criticism of Islam

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Rachel Johnson

The killings in France have reignited the hate for Islam, and the bombing of a German news paper didn’t help, but add fuel to the fire. Now, like gun legislation, people are picking sides, and out screaming each other, without even the thought of common sense coming from their mouths. So let me set you straight on a few things.

Phobia: the rational/or irrational fear of something.

Is it rational to fear Islam? It is rational to fear anything that calls for the death and stoning of people. It is rational to fear people with ideologies of hate, and that doesn’t mean just Islam. Though, you should take note, there exists not nuance for fear of Christianity, like Christianaphobia.

Does that mean you should hate Muslims? Only if you are content to throw a blanket over one people and hate them all based on the fact that some of them…

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⚧ lesbian, humanist, atheist. Love music, playing guitar, reading, science, fashion, politics, feminism, promoting understanding & acceptance of LGBT people.

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