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Christian writer says we’re members of the “sexual anarchy movement” with a “tyrannical agenda”

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gina millerLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — We are? I suppose she’s entitled to her opinion and on the off chance that perhaps she had a valid point or two, I started reading her article.

Step aside, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, there’s a new gunslinger in town. Gina Miller, a conservative Christian political writer, is the newer definition of bat-sh*t crazy!

From a discussion standpoint, the first two paragraphs alone have so many argument fallacies that I just stopped keeping track. Miller’s statements are those of the kind made in the “comments section” of mainstream media — where the “Jerry Springer Show” lives.

Most of us in the intellectual section of our society don’t dwell there, but many who do, also vote. Hence the need to not entirely ignore what Miller and others of her ilk are doing. Continuing to educate our community at large is one of our…

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Author: karaconnor

⚧ lesbian, humanist, atheist. Love music, playing guitar, reading, science, fashion, politics, feminism, promoting understanding & acceptance of LGBT people.

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