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AG Eric Holder channels LBJ; says Great Society legislation includes transgender protection

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Lexie Cannes:


LBJLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — While heading out the door, Attorney General Eric Holder is giving transgender workers a tremendous gift — in cases of litigation, federal prosecutors will now take the position that long-enacted civil rights legislation covers discrimination against them.

I’ve no doubt that President Lyndon B. Johnson intended for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include everybody, but along the way, the fracturing of the Democrat party, not to mention the Vietnam war, left many of those who fell between the cracks in limbo for a while. For transgender people, it turned out to be exactly 50 years.

It’s hard to imagine such all-encompassing civil rights or voting rights legislation that passed during Johnson’s Great Society even reaching the floor of Congress for a vote today, or any time in the near future. So, here’s a tip of the hat to those back then…

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