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A Call to Action from an Openly Secular Parent

Divided Under God

Image courtesy openlysecular.org Image courtesy openlysecular.org

I’m an atheist and a supporter of the secular movement here in America.  I’m also a mother of two children and homemaker to a humanist household.  I spend my days changing my baby’s diapers and watching Sesame Street, while trying to make time to read through the latest books as I maintain an orderly home.  And when it comes to raising my children, keeping God out of the picture is key.  There’s a saying synonymous with parenting that goes, “If I don’t expose my child to the lessons of God, then no one will.”  That sounds good to me.

As I watch my children grow, I can’t help but think of my own childhood and how I was raised Catholic.  My parents, like many other Americans, seemed to have no problem continuing religious traditions.  And many look forward to passing beliefs along, but for me, the buck…

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