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Major U.S. newspaper ‘OK’ with running full-page transphobic ad


steve yaegerLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — The Minnesota Star Tribune on Sunday published a full-page ad running on the back page of the newspaper by an anti-transgender group that is trying to stop a trans students rights policy from being adopted by highs schools in that state.

The ad showed a picture of a school shower room with these words superimposed over it: ‘A male wants to shower beside your 14-year-old daughter. Are you OK with that?

Never mind the rest of the ad. That right there is a clear case of transphobic fear mongering, leaving one to wonder how this ad passed muster with those running the largest newspaper in Minnesota?

According to the Gay Star News, the paper’s vice president of marketing and public relations said this: ‘[the ad] met all the requirements of our ad policy.’

According to the Star Tribune’s website, this gentleman is…

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Barney Frank, silence would have been golden!

Why would he say this? Thanks for the article, Lexie.


barney frankLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Barney Frank, I can’t figure out why you, now a retired Congressman, didn’t just quit while you’re ahead and rest on your laurels? Bringing to life a long-beaten horse that many people are still having difficulty moving on from isn’t exactly the behavior of a wise elder statesman.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to rehash 2007 all over again, except to respond to something new Barney Frank brought to the table — the issue that ‘we didn’t help lobby’ for the LGBT rights legislation. Now, I don’t know for sure if his claim is true, but trans people DO have reason for not turning out en mass, and it’s this –> http://lexiecannes.com/stats-on-transgender-discrimination-violence-and-suicide/

There are many of us that understand the nuances that come with getting LGBT civil rights legislation passed at the federal level and we can grasp the enormous difficulty legislators face. For…

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Things I read, like, this month that I found interesting

I always look forward to these great “roundup” posts from Stavvers!

Another angry woman

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these round-up posts. Call it a combination of being busy and also having depression. The good news for you is this means it’s a bumper link round-up! I read some things. Perhaps you’ll find them interesting too.

Say What?: On Speechlessness, Racism and Respectability in #Ferguson (Crunk Feminist Collective)- A beautiful reaction to recent events.

What Black Parents Tell Their Sons About the Police (Jazmine Hughes)- This is fucking heartbreaking.

Rotherham’s Institutionalised Political Correctness is a despicable myth (JustinTheLibSoc)- Pretty much everything you need to read about Rotherham and racism.

Butch Please: Butch With A Side Of Misogyny (Kate)- Calling out misogyny in the butch community.

Selfcare as Warfare (feministkilljoys)- Just read this.

Prejudice at Pride (anonymous)- Comic outlining biphobia and racism at Pride events.

Don’t like the word ‘cis’? Good* (CN Lester)- CN explains the purpose of the word in…

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Door to close for “trans panic” defense — no more legal excuse to kill or assault trans people

About time – thanks for blogging, Lexie.


Araujo Gwen trans panic defenseLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — On the heels of the American Bar Association’s recent call for states to ban “trans (and gay) panic” defenses in court, the California legislature passed such a bill and it’s already on its way to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk for him to sign. This would make California the first state to ban this practice.

The trans panic defense has been use by criminals to excuse their behavior when engaging in romantic or sexual activities with transgender partners. This often results in a conviction of a lessor charge or complete acquittal.

Equality California’s Rick Zbur in The Advocate: “This defense legitimizes prejudice and hate, and it should play absolutely no part in California’s justice system,”

The murder of Newark, California trans woman Gwen Araujo in 2002 is an early notable case of the trans panic defense being applied. She was killed by four men…

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