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How Hobby Lobby Showed Us That The War On Women Has No Boundaries.

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Another incisive column from Rachel Johnson.

Rachel Johnson

If you haven’t heard about the Supreme court decision, you are either living under a rock, or dead, possibly from a lack of birth control, thanks to the likes of Hobby Lobby. If you are a woman, in America, get ready to sport a chastity belt. Not because you could be raped, or that virginity is vital, but because corporations want in your vagina, and this is just the start.

The ruling came as a shock to all of us for many reasons, the first being that this is the supreme court. As Ginsburg stated in her dissent, it has never been the case that exceptions have been made on the side of a public corporation. This set a president that all other privately owned corporations are soon to follow, including ones that in the past, have been denied the right to make decisions based on religion alone.

For those…

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One thought on “How Hobby Lobby Showed Us That The War On Women Has No Boundaries.

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