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Above the “T”-storm, blue skies!

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Some stories spotted by LEXIE CANNES – a good week for trans people, which makes a pleasant change.


trans rightsLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — Did one man’s ego turn your week into a “T”-storm? If so, you might have missed these other trans-related things that happened during the past week — all far more newsworthy and positively impacting trans people than any tweet from RuPaul:

1) The so-called Medicare ban for SRS has been removed. There are still hoops you’ll have to jump through, even then, it is not a sure thing — getting matched with the right (and willing) doctor appears to be the key to success here. We will be watching this closely.

2) Trans actress Laverne Cox is on the cover of Time magazine. It doesn’t get more mainstream than this. But more important than this helpful “normalization” of all things trans in our society, this positive exposure by Time gave the Christian right a severe blow to the gut.

3) Houston, Texas, passed a…

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Author: karaconnor

⚧ lesbian, humanist, atheist. Love music, playing guitar, reading, science, fashion, politics, feminism, promoting understanding & acceptance of LGBT people.

One thought on “Above the “T”-storm, blue skies!

  1. You are a Women of Emotion, as I,We are what We feel,


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