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Death for those who don’t sexually conform in Islam.

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Rachel Johnson

facepalm-homerWhile the bitter right wing agenda machine crushes the spirits of homosexuals here in America and twists, distorts and contorts society to fit their morality, in Arabic and Islamic ruled countries they hang, and stone those who were unlucky enough to be born under the regime of Islam and gay, lesbian, polysexual, and transgender. The only sexuality which is acceptable in Islam is heterosexuality, and the only sex, is procreation. They don’t just make laws which create problems and have random maniacs killing people over their overblown, and noxious ideologies, they out and out stone and kill them, openly to make examples of them to the masses.

There is no culture where these people can feel safe. They are watched in life, they are monitored in the interweb, and blogs. They are hunted down, and those who dare to bash Islam openly are arrested and sometimes, put to death. So…

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Author: karaconnor

⚧ lesbian, humanist, atheist. Love music, playing guitar, reading, science, fashion, politics, feminism, promoting understanding & acceptance of LGBT people.

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