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Friday feel-good: a rescued baby hedgehog

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Why Evolution Is True

One of the things I like most about the British is their overwhelming love of animals and wildlife. There are tons of animal protection societies, and, if you want to see how seriously they take this stuff, see the fantastic article in the latest New Yorker about the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. That piece, “Operation Easter”, by Julian Rubenstein, is an engrossing read about the lengths to which the RSPB goes to catch and prosecute egg-collectors, a small but fanatical band of marauders who, to supplement their collections, remove eggs from the nests of endangered birds. I was glad to see that this article, which kept me up past my bedtime last night, is free online.

But I digress. I like to end the work week on an up note, one preferably involving animals.  And reader “Gravelinspector” from the UK just gave me the chance…

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