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At What Price?

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In a reply to various comments I have seen about the “enormous waste of money” being spent on treating Gender Dysphoria, I put together a few facts. These are specific to the UK because ithe article that originally inspired this post was on the Telegraph web site, but I suspect similar figures apply in the USA.

Compare what is spent on treating alcohol related diseases by the NHS (National Health Service). This is estimated at around 1.3 Billion pounds in 2004, and the article linked to informs us that the “annual cost of alcohol-related crime and public disorder has been estimated at £7.3bn, the cost to employers has been put at £6.4bn”. Smoking costs NHS £5bn a year. Now if we accept the prevalence of transsexualism in we have 33,500 people affected. Let’s say it costs 15 thousand pounds to transition, and that every single person with GID decided to do so, and all in one year – and neither is the case – then that would cost around 500 million pounds. After which 98% of the people would go on to happy and productive lives and continue to contribute their taxes. So we have a 20 billion pound actual cost for alcohol and smoking, and an upper limit cost of 500 million for treating GID. So quite aside from doing the right thing and treating a very real congential condition, if you want to save your tax money, where do you think you should you start looking?

Comment related to this article in the Daily Telegraph Online: Puberty blocker for children considering sex change


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